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​At the Dion Hair Clinic in Mönchengladbach, we have made it our mission to make hair loss a thing of the past. 

We combine state-of-the-art technology and aesthetics with the highest medical expertise to offer you first-class treatments at fair prices. 

Our team consists of experienced doctors and experts, with over 15 years of experience in the field of hair transplantation With us you are definitely in the best hands!

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Haartransplantation für Haare, Bart und Augenbrauen


​Do you want a fuller beard without gaps?

Haartransplantation für Haare, Bart und Augenbrauen


​Do you suffer from bald patches or receding hairline?

Haartransplantation für Haare, Bart und Augenbrauen


​Are you unhappy with the shape or density of your eyebrows?


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​The best choice for your hair transplant

​Experienced experts

​With over 15 years of experience in the field of hair transplantation and medical cosmetics, we have the highest expertise, the aesthetic eye and craftsmanship to achieve your dream result.

​Modern techniques

​Using the most advanced techniques such as the Sapphire FUE and DHI FUE methods, we can transplant up to 6000 grafts in a single session with the highest precision - for visible results that are guaranteed to last.

Hair certificate

​When you undergo a hair transplant, we guarantee full transparency. You will also receive a certificate proving exactly how many grafts were transplanted!

​Fair prices

​We are committed to providing hair transplants with the highest level of professionalism at prices that won't break your budget - because feeling beautiful should be accessible to all!

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​The answers to the most frequently asked questions

​Wie teuer ist eine Haartransplantation ?

Our experts can estimate exact prices based on pictures of your hair situation. We offer attractive fixed prices for transplanting the maximum number of grafts.

Halten die transplantierten Haare für immer?

With correct aftercare and adherence to the recommendations of our specialists, the hair transplanted will last a lifetime. This applies to head and beard hair as well as eyebrows.

​Wann ist das endgültige Resultat der Haartransplantation sichtbar?

Many patients believe that the hair will grow back immediately after the hair transplant. Even though the hair initially appears relatively full, the hair initially falls out again in the first few weeks after the hair transplant. From the 3rd month onwards, the hair grows again gradually until the final result can be admired after about 12 months.

​Ist eine Haartransplantation schmerzhaft?

The anaesthetic process may cause a brief slight pain, but the rest of the hair transplant procedure is absolutely painless. However, there may be some slight pain after the operation as the anaesthetic wears off.

Welche Risiken birgt eine Haartransplantation?

Like any surgical procedure, own hair transplantation carries certain risks. The general risks include problematic wound healing with possible inflammation or excessive scarring. In addition, it can happen that the treatment simply does not bring the desired success. With our method, however, this is extremely rare, as the hair roots do not lose their genetic information and thus continue to grow for life.